Solutions Innovation Challenge

The Government is determined to work with private sector partners, social enterprises, civil society and incubators to organize innovation challenges to source ideas and identity sustainable partnerships for addressing chronic development issues in a cost-efficient manner. The Solutions Innovative Challenge will broadly have two categories; one with a focus on solutions for better delivery of public services and social goods, irrespective of region, and as a public good. This stream will catalyze and create incentives for private sector to develop products and platforms for the poor, which the market does not have the incentive to create otherwise. For example, reinventing the traditional Thela for enhanced income generation; micro-credit facility for daily wage earners; online platforms and digital interfaces for daily wage earners, especially women, to seek livelihood opportunities; sourcing developed online content as a public good for all; new models of innovation incubators that are less reliant on physical infrastructure; rickshaw garbage collector that can create jobs and pursue sanitation objectives in low income communities at the same time; clean cooking stoves to address indoor air pollution, etc. The Cabinet has already approved nine Solution Challenges in August, this year.

The other category involves the creation of locally-relevant value chains in geographic clusters (identified by their agriculture output or cultural/artisanal output) for development solutions targeted for lagging districts that suffer from high multidimensional poverty. This category will also include locally-relevant infrastructure solutions. The Policy is currently under development. 

Call for Proposals (Oct 11, 2019 – Nov 15, 2019)

Under the fourth pillar of Ehsaas that concentrates on Jobs and Livelihoods, Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division is launching 5 solutions innovation challenges which are as follows:

     .   Setting up Langars/systems for ration distribution in Public-Private Partnership mode (details can be accessed here)

     .   Connecting artisans to fashion houses for value chain development & employment (details can be accessed here)

     .   Online Platforms for daily wage opportunities (details can be accessed here)

     .   Online education content (k12) to serve as a public good (details can be accessed here)

     .   Microcredit platform for daily wage workers to enable purchase of monthly rations (details can be accessed here) 

Request for EOIs soliciting applications for Solutions Innovation Challenge can be accessed here.

Prize Funding Challenge (Oct 13, 2019 – Nov 20, 2019)

Ehsaas has announced the first series of Prizes under the Ehsaas Solutions Challenge Policy. In this respect, Prize Funding ideas are being sought to develop innovative solutions for those at the bottom of the pyramid.We are looking for ideas in the following themes:

 Institutionalization of a new generation of garbage collection                            Details                                                                            Application Form                                                
 Institutionalization of a new generation of clean cooking stove  Details  Application Form 
 Institutionalization of a new generation of Thela: Designing & Zoning in Railways  Details  Application Form 

For further details about Prize Funding Challenge, please click here.