Pledge to Ehsaas

Why Commit

The Ehsaas program is a first-of-its-kind poverty alleviation initiative inviting the private sector, philanthropic community, international agencies and civil society organizations to contribute through financial and/or in-kind expertise in Pakistan.

Why Now

The Ehsaas program is the most ambitious anti-poverty initiative impacting over 35.8 million lives in Pakistan through a multi-dimensional approach providing human capital development, jobs and livelihoods, safety nets and equitable systems.

  • The ‘Ehsaas Partnership Action Pledge’ form can be accessed here
  • Ehsaas engages with the private sector under its ehsaas policy to engage non-government stakeholders, which is currently under review; that can be accessed here


Every commitment will be assessed against the following five evaluation criteria:



The commitment should be aligned with one or more of the seven goals of the Ehsaas program, and can be an existing or new initiative stakeholders.



The action steps of a commitment should be clearly delineated in terms of solution, outcome, timeframe, and desired impact.



The commitment should have qualitative and quantitative goals that can be monitored and tracked over a period of time.



The commitment should be economically and technically viability, with additional credibility if it is a proven intervention.



The commitment will be assessed for long-term viability while maintaining the product/service quality and delivery.

Process for private sector engagement


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are pledges?

    Pledges are intended to expand the scope of Ehsaas and contribute towards its goals. From funding, to in-kind support, to various technological innovations that can help tackle poverty, commitments are welcome from multiple stakeholders committed to the aims of Ehsaas.

  • Who can make a pledge?

    Ehsaas programme commitments can be made by all tiers of governments, international agencies, philanthropies, the private sector and civil society.

  • Who can’t make a pledge?

    Ehsaas will not take pledges from groups that go against the values and philosophy of Ehsaas. All pledges will be vetted to ensure that there is no individual or organizational conflict of interest.

Conflict of Interest

An Independent Ehsaas Oversight Committee will ensure that all pledges are vetted against guidelines and principles of Ehsaas.A Standard Operating Procedure will be developed and followed to streamline the process for commitments to Ehsaas while protecting Ehsaas from individual and organizational conflict of interest as outlined below.

Individual Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest for an individual is where a person’s private interests interfere or may be perceived to interfere with their performance of official duties. Conflict of interest includes circumstances in which directly or indirectly, benefit improperly, or allow a third party to benefit improperly, from their association in the management or the holding of a financial interest in an action that engages in any transaction related to Ehsaas’ work.

Organizational Conflict of Interest

Organizational conflict of interest, whether public, private or philanthropic, arises where, because of other activities or relationships, an organization is unable to render impartial services. This may relate to an Ehsaas pledge which then gives said organization an unfair competitive advantage. Managing an OCI may require ring-fencing an activity, amending a policy, and/or adjusting certain functions assignments to ensure organizational impartiality, objectivity, equity and transparency.

Other considerations and submissions

  • Languages

    Contributions are encouraged in Urdu or English.

  • Confidentiality of contributions

    All contributions submitted are private, however, agreed contributions will be made public on the Ehsaas website.

  • Opening and closing date

    Ongoing and rolling basis.

  • Submissions

    Please make your submissions on ‘Ehsaas Partnership Action Pledge’ form that can be accessed here.