1. The Zakat is required to be deducted and deposited immediately after deductions date from assets 101-i.e. Saving accounts.


2. In case of asset 101 and others the Zakat is required to be deducted on 1st of Ramazan every year, four quarters and 29th, 30th of Shaban.


3. The Forms must contain detail of ZCCA code issued from Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and

Social Safety,Ministry of Religious Affairs,the name & address of the company/Bank, Zakat year, Valuation date on 1st Ramazan, Number of ZCOs under the Central of ZCCA and number of CZ form enclosed.


4. The form may also contain total assets on valuation date against account code.


5. The form must contain exemptions granted to non-Muslims or non-Pakistani, non-sahibe-Nisab due to fiqah, non-maturity or other reasons and each account code.


6. The form may also contain detail of deduction in each account code i.e. Zakatable assets in

number and value, Zakat deductable during the period under report.


7. The Part-D of the CZ-08 from must contain details of refunds made to the non-Muslims, non-

sahibe-Nisab due to fiqah, non-maturity and net Zakat refund.


8. The summary contain total deduction replicated in part-C total refund made in part-D,net

amount, voluntary Zakat and other receipt reflected in Part-E and total collection to be deposited

in state Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The report may also contain the Cheque Number i.e its date along

with name of the official prepared the statement and checked by the concerned and

acknowledgement of the statement must be affixed.



Specimen CZ-08  Form 1

Specimen CZ-08  Form 2

Specimen CZ-08  Form 3

Specimen CZ-08  Form 4