National Poverty Graduation Program

Programme Overview:

National Poverty Graduation Programme (NPGP) is funded by International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and Government of Pakistan. The Programme is being implemented through a Project Management Unit under Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety as Lead Programme Agency, and its eight partner organizations in 21 districts of four provinces of Pakistan.  The programme aims “to assist the ultra-poor and very poor in graduating out of poverty on a sustainable basis while simultaneously improving their overall food security, nutritional status, and resilience to climate change’’. The development objective of the project is “to enable the rural poor and especially women and youth to realize their development potential and attain a higher level of social and economic wellbeing through a proven, flexible, and responsive menu of assistance’’.


The program is consisted of two major components:


  1. Poverty Graduation: The first component mainly focuses on assets creation, interest-free loan and training of assets and IFL beneficiaries.


  1. Social Mobilization and Programme Management: Under this component, following training opportunities are provided to the households that benefit from Livelihood Assets and Interest-Free Loans.
  • Community trainings on Climate Change resilience/mitigation.
  • Sessions with Households around nutrition.
  • Training of Village Organizations around gender.
  • Youth engagement activities.
  • Campaigns on Health & Nutrition/Gender/Environment/Peace & Justice.
  • Training of Community Resource Persons.


Below is the progress update under National Poverty Graduation Programme (NPGP) as of December, 2022.


  1. Assets Transfer: As of December,2022 total 107,510 households received assets. The assets are consisted of livestock and agricultural as well as technological assets e.g., dairy animals, fattening animals, hand-tractors, digital skills, customized small vehicles for carriage and transportation in rural areas, milk collectors motor bikes and enterprises.


  1. Livelihood Trainings: As of December,2022 total 88,971 trainings provided on enterprise development, asset management and functional literacy to help them effectively utilize the given assets and interest free loan for business purposes.


  1. Interest Free Loan: As of December,2022 total 145,702 loans received by IFL beneficiaries.